Key sales points

• Captures the trend for home-based crafts, currently experiencing something of a resurgence: napkin folds are featured throughout the new Ikea catalogue

• Home-interest is hitting the zeitgeist, demonstrated on television through programmes including ‘Anthea Turner, Perfect Housewife’ and ‘How clean is your house?’

• Appeals to a wide range of readers across different age ranges for its novelty factor; also particularly
relevant to a large trade readership

• Luigi has already established some media success, appearing on This Morning, and in a range of national newspapers

• Illustrated with nearly 100 stunning colour photographs, showing the traditional art of napkin folding in a new and imaginative light

• Easy-to-follow diagrams mean few words are needed to create these folds; especially good for readers whose first language isn’t English

• The book combines funnapkin folds with practical information on linen care, dining etiquette and table design

About the author

Luigi Spotorno has over 35 years' experience in the catering industry; he has appeared on ITV's This Morning show, in the Sunday Express and London Evening Standard, and has created napkin folds as a tribute to the Queen's Golden Jubilee, Prince Charles' marriage to Camilla Parker-Bowles, and for opera singer Luciano Pavarotti. Born in Venice, Italy, Luigi developed his napkin folding skills at sea, working in the first class dining rooms of liners including the Canberra and Achille Lauro, before settling in London and working as a restaurant manager in some of London's most prestigious restaurants.


Category: Non-fiction
Edition: 1st
Binding: Paperback
Format: 210x210mm
Extent: 192pp
RRP: £11.99
Author location: London
Market restrictions: None
ISBN 10: 0954843134
ISBN 13: 9780954843137
Publication date: October 31 2006