Key sales points

• Captures the trend for home-based crafts, currently experiencing something of a resurgence: napkin folds are featured throughout the new Ikea catalogue

• Home-interest is hitting the zeitgeist, demonstrated on television through programmes including ‘Anthea Turner, Perfect Housewife’ and ‘How clean is your house?’

• Appeals to a wide range of readers across different age ranges for its novelty factor; also particularly
relevant to a large trade readership

• Luigi has already established some media success, appearing on This Morning, and in a range of national newspapers

• Illustrated with nearly 100 stunning colour photographs, showing the traditional art of napkin folding in a new and imaginative light

• Easy-to-follow diagrams mean few words are needed to create these folds; especially good for readers whose first language isn’t English

• The book combines funnapkin folds with practical information on linen care, dining etiquette and table design